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Headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, Infinity combines customer service of a local laboratory partner with the solutions of a national provider.

San Jose, CA

Package Testing, Environmental Monitoring

Our San Jose facility provides robust package and environmental testing services for medical devices, pharmaceutical drug products, and combination drug products. Services include package integrity, distribution testing, conditioning, accelerated aging, shelf life, cross-leak testing, peel strength, and cosmetics package testing.

Petaluma, CA

Sterility for Medical Devices, Clean Room Validation and Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art Petaluma site is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is FDA-registered. Laboratory services encompass offsite clean room validation and monitoring, water testing, bioburden, LAL sterility testing for medical devices, and environmental monitoring of plates and incubators.

San Diego, CA

EO Residuals, Gas & Water Testing

Infinity’s FDA registered San Diego site provides laboratory services for medical devices, pharmaceutical drug products and combination products. Services include EO residuals, bioburden, LAL sterility tests USP <61,62>, biological indicators, ID testing, EMPQ cleanroom validations, mycoplasma (PCR) testing, water testing, appearance, pH, media fills conductivity, and media development.

Castle Rock, CO

Infinity’s Castle Rock, Colorado, facility acts as our headquarters, connecting our state-of-the-art testing facilities nationwide to deliver quality, on-time contract testing services.

North Brunswick, NJ

Chemistry Testing, Wet Chemistry Testing, Microbiology Testing, Stability Testing, Laboratory & Process Instrumentation Services

Our North Brunswick Advanced Analytical Testing site provides robust laboratory services for pharmaceutical and consumer drug products, including chemistry testing, microbiology testing, stability chambers services and microbiology lab equipment services from this location. Additionally, our North Brunswick site provides one-stop laboratory instrument, calibration, metrology, and asset management services.

Crown Point, IN

Microbiology Testing

Our Crown Point facility is FDA-registered and DEA-licensed, providing microbiology testing to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The full list of services offered here consists of USP <61,62, 85, 51, 71>, water testing, LAL sterility testing, CCIT, bioburden, media fills, feasibility studies, disinfectant efficacy, BI tests, CDA, IDS, and gram and spore strains.

St. Louis, MO

Chemistry Testing: Pharma/Med Device, Extractables & Leachables, Container Testing

Our St. Louis extractables & leachables site provides comprehensive E&L services encompassing medical devices, biologics and biopharmaceuticals, material characterization and compatibility, impurity/degradant characterization identifications, method development and validation, chromatography, and spectroscopy.

San Jose, CA

EO Sterilization, Sterilization Validations

Infinity provides full-service medical device EO sterilization at our FDA-registered San Jose site. Services include EO sterilization, validation, adoption, batch release, cycle development, and biological indicator qualification.
At Infinity, we provide the capabilities and service offerings of a national organization, with the flexibility of a local lab. It’s really important to us to maintain a personal connection with our clients as we continue to fulfill our vision of becoming a single source testing services provider for the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.
Joe Troxell, CEO at Infinity Laboratories

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